We are a Spiritual Online Community

The Divine Being Leadership Academy is about giving people the tools they needs to conquer the world. Allowing them to see their power, grace, intuition, and strength. Stepping away from limiting conditions and beliefs and stepping into their divinity. It’s about allowing them to see the divine within themselves. We are all The Divine Feminine & Masculine! 

Would you like to do Yoga, Meditate, get healthy, get confident, be successful, and be the best you but you don’t know how?


Can’t find the time to assist Yoga class? Would you like to connect with others that are kind and loving? Are you Looking for friendships, empowerment, support, or community circles? Are you ready for transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, and all around?

The Divine Being Leadership Academy is for you!


Gain a Community that Supports you

Balance The Divine Masculine and Feminine

Nutrition and Self-Care


Self-Confidence & Success


The world is changing rapidly, and so it is the archetype of Leadership. The world is calling for the intelligence, cooperation, caliber, compassion, and strength that resides in a woman and man.

The balance human is going to be leading the world, breaking paradigms, co-creating a new reality where different skills are required to awaken the UNLIMITED potential that resides inside a woman and man.

It is time to change the syndrome of “ I am not good enough,” to break old habits and rewire our brains to feel worthy, secure, safe, loved, and abundant.

Our Classes Topics:

Holistic health, science of mind, spiritual principles, law of attraction, parenthood, parenting, marriage, reproductive system, birth, relationships, business, prosperity, money, health, lifestyle, food, diet, self-care, Ayurveda, holistic health, homeopathic, Kundalini Yoga, spirituality, travel, following our dreams, death, forgiveness, energy healing and so much more

We are creating human beings that love each other, support each other in all aspects of life.

Our Vision: This is a community for women and men! Where women and men can learn, inspire, connect, evolve, and grow together.

The Divine Being is a Community where the modern individuals can come to grow consciously together.

It is a program you will learn tools to empower yourself to reach your unlimited potential. By changing our limiting beliefs (I am not good enough), establishing goals, and being accountable of our life, we will be experiencing the new archetype of what it means to be The Divine Being, Leader in the world.

Using coaching tools, Kundalini Yoga, nutritionists, Ayurveda, the science of mind, EFT, and other methods, in a group set up, we will support each other in this process of transformation. In this community, we'll achieve what we want, we'll establish goals, and we'll start being accountable for our destiny. We're graceful and radiant individuals, and we are inspiring and transforming the people around us with our presence. WE ARE THE DIVINE Being!


We want to rebuild ourselves and the world, honoring who we are so we can do what we’re supposed to do.